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Representing Family

03 March 2020

So, moment of honesty here, I own a lot of domains. Domains are first-come-first-serve globally unique internet identifiers and thinking of new and cool ones excites me! Finding something that is short, clever, unique, and cool is the holy grail of domains, and I’m pretty happy with owning - it fits my nickname’s mnemonic (“J-Sully”), is very short, has a well-known TLD (.ly, .com, .net, .org are all great), and is a clever combination of the TLD into the domain name itself.

But doesn’t work well for anybody that’s not me. Nor do,,, or any of my other random domains that I’ve accumulated over the years.. those domain names just wouldn’t make sense for content or contacts that aren’t literally me!

I wanted to build something for my family. Something that could be a point of reference for all of my family members and also give them access to a custom email endpoint so they would never need to use or again - when you have a web engineer in the family, your whole family should be rocking their own domain! The tricky part here was that Sullivan is quite a popular name. Luckily with some digging and searching, I did find a sweet, unique domain and thus the family site was born.

With a small bio and social links for each member of the family, the site is nothing huge, but rather focuses on being small, concise, and accurate. And the domain itself allows each person in the family to have a great email address since the domain is our last name. and sound pretty great to me.

Check it out!